Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a Web design through Performance Media cost?

How long does Web site development take?

What is included in your original Web design service?

Can I get Flash or video on my site?

What are my options for photography?

Can I get a template site?


How much does a Web design through Performance Media cost?up

  • Original Web site development starts at $1750 for a 5- 6 page site.


How long does it take?up

  • Original Web site development takes a minimum of three weeks. We can give you a more precise estimate of time once we know your Web site requirements.


What is included in your original Web site design service?up

  • A consultation to make you aware of options and give you the tools to make the best decision for highest return on investment.

  • A Web designer who will work directly with you through out the process. You will not be going through a sales person who then contacts the developer who
    then gets back to the sales person who then gets back to you.

  • We will do a search term analysis to determine precisely what words and phrases your customers are using.

  • A professional writer to polish existing text, or to write new text based on your marketing message.

  • A custom Web site design based on your choise of preliminary designs options. Two rounds of changes are included to assure that all stakeholders in your organization have input.

  • Search Engine Optimization is built into every line of code. Search Engine Optimization is not something that can be most effectively added on top of a site.
    Every line of code in your original Web site design project is written with search spiders in mind.

  • Submission by hand to search engines is included. We do not use any automated services because search engines have turned against them.

  • Google Analytics are set-up on your Web site and we walk you through how to use them.

  • A contact-us form.


Can Performance Media add a Flash or video component to my site?up


A flash or video component can be added to any website. Flash video has exploded the opportunities for Internet video communication.  It is no longer necessary to have an expensive dedicated streaming server to create videos that begin to play promptly.


What are my options for photography?up


We have an extensive library of stock photos. However, it may be to your advantage to purchase stock photography that is specifically relevant to your goods or services. This is another area where the pros and cons will be discussed in your initial consultation. Performance Media can produce interior or exterior location photos and 360º virtual tours. We can also assist you if you need to hire a product photographer.


Can I get a template sites?up


For about the same price as a template site offered elsewhere, we can produce an original site. Read a comparison of original versus template sites.



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